Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yuen Po Bird Garden

Yuen Po Bird Garden was our next stop after the flower market. Once you walk down Flower Market Road, you will inevitably come to the bird garden so it's easy to find.  The bird garden is an attempt to continue the work of the old bird market, which was removed in an area redevelopment.  The traders from Bird Street were able to move the stalls up to Yuen Po, and now there is a flourishing small market where you can find birds, and all the things you need to look after them.  It's also a place where local bird owners take their birds, and hang out with other bird lovers.

The garden is decorated with lovely bird mosaics, depicting species found in Hong Kong.

 Cages like this one are sold to keep birds in.  This is a fairly simple one, but many are works of art in their own right, covered in delicate carvings and patterns in the wood.

 Aside from the usual bird seed and dried fruit for parrots, some of the stall holders sell live crickets and grasshoppers for the more discerning bird.

This fellow belonged to one of the stall holders, and loved playing up to the cameras. 
  If you like birds, go here.  It's a really neat place to visit, and while it's not the original bird street, it still has a feel of stepping back in time somewhat, with a tradition that has been going on in Hong Kong for a long time.

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