Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hong Kong: The first week!

As of this afternoon, we will have been here a whole week!  Hopefully in the next two weeks we'll get more settled in, as we'll be looking for an apartment and getting that set up.

Here's a few photos from the first few days here.
A giant Mario found in Langham place.  I'm not sure what that girl standing next to him is doing, but he's clearly very shocked.

 The creepy three-eyed Mickey Mouse we also found in Langham Place. 

Nemo Dim Sum.  We didn't try them, but we might have to go back and find them another time. 

 A cheery frozen yogurt place.

 The gate for Temple St Night Market. Excuse the picture being a bit fuzzy, I think my camera steamed up.

Heading up Temple St before the market really kicked off.  We didn't buy much, but I think we'll probably go back there quite a bit, if not for the shopping, for the street food.

Hot Pot!

Our first proper thunderstorm viewed from our hotel room.  It was very spectacular watching the lightning around the buildings. 

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