Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still Alive

I am still alive.  It's been a busy few weeks, and I haven't had much time/energy for blogging.

I started my new job, as an educational assistant at an international school.  It's not a forever job, but it's a good one for getting more experience.  So far it seems to be going alright.  I miss the interpersonal contact of my old job, but there's more opportunities for advancement and new skills in this job I think.  Besides, the school is a bilingual school with Mandarin and English, so I have the opportunity to improve my language skills there.

The other bit of fun I've had in the past three weeks was my wisdom tooth on my right side decided that it wanted to make my life hell for a week.  I still have it in, but I think it will be removed soon.  That is not something I am looking forward to.

Christmas is something I am looking forward to though.  Beautiful decorations are going up everywhere, but otherwise things seem quite low key.  I haven't been to the Island for a while though, so I imagine that Central/Admiralty is less low key.  I get a week off at Christmas, so we're heading to Guangzhou I think, to spend Christmas in China.  This might seem a bit disingenuous given that China is officially atheist, but I've spent Christmas there before, and it was quite wonderful.  It basically prooved that if you want Christmas, you can have it anywhere, and any way you want.

And then after Christmas, it's only a few weeks until Chinese New Year, and my mum and sister are coming up for a visit.  So it's an exciting time coming up!