Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick update

More posts with pictures and adventures are coming, I promise, but we're still in limbo mode until next week.

On Thursday we will get the keys to our new apartment. Once we're moved in, I'll send the address to those who need it. We have a nice little two bedroom place, with the luxury of a decent sized balcony. It's 46 floors up, so I sure hope the lift is reliable!

I also will be starting work in October sometime. When I get my visa I can start. I will be working as an educational assistant at one of the international schools here. The job gives me a good opportunity to improve my mandarin, as the school is a Mandarin/English bilingual school.

Until I start work, I am just pottering around getting stuff ready for the apartment, and practicing Chinese, and trying to adapt to the heat, which isn't easy. We're having tons of fun though, seeing something new every weekend.

Hopefully some proper internet time this week, so I can get some posts up with pictures!

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