Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our little home!

After a fourth (ugh) trip to Ikea last night, we finally have just about everything set up in our apartment.  We are still sans dining table, but we are waiting on that till we get our bank account set up here.  There's still a few bare walls which we want to put things on, but we haven't found those things yet.

Our living room, with couch and bookshelves.  That's a goldfish lantern at the top there.  We're thinking about getting a few more to line across the top of the shelves.  We really need some colour in here!

Our couch with cushions and random signs from Temple Street.

A close up of the signs.  We bought them purely for the nonsense.

We brought some of our own trinkets from Australia and Canada.  Technically, this one came from Austria, but since it was a gift from my mum, it counts as Australian.  Next to him are our Olympic Mascots from the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The cake toppers from our Australian wedding reception, made by my wonderful older sister (who also made the most spectacular cake)

A wise savings owl.  He's already about half full with the masses of heavy change we keep ending up with.

Our rather poetic bathroom sign.

Coat/keys/umbrella hooks. 

I love our kitchen!  Sure, there's no oven, but I'm not sure how much baking I'd want to do with the heat here more of the year.  The stove is awesome!  I love cooking on gas. 

Our spare room and study.  It's tiny, but somehow we managed to fit the desk, chair and day bed in there.  It's a nice little space.  We do still want something for the wall though.  If we could get Craig's tylosaur painting over here that would be perfect, but I'm a touch nervous about shipping it.

The entrance to our room.  We have a corner wardrobe, which is one of my favourite inventions.  It's given us so much storage space!

Our bed and the window shelf.  I want to jazz up the boxes I bought (on the left of the shelf) with ribbons or lace or something.  They're a bit boring right now.

The goldfish.  He really is a bit lonely.

The Chinese food magnets for the fridge.  Tacky, but I like them!

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  1. Aww it's so good to see your new place!! (And wow it's tidy hehe) I wish we had IKEA here though - can you do me a favour and email me a photo or two of what that wardrobe looks like, the shape and inside, how things hang etc? I'm given up on the furniture here and am going to learn to build some.
    Miss you guys!
    Clare xx