Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas lights in Hong Kong

Hong Kong loves Christmas.  Any excuse to put up more neon is embraced by the city.  This time of year marks a build up to a long (longer than most) festive season.  First Christmas, then New Year and then Chinese New Year make for a very busy festive season.  On January 23rd, we'll be ushering in the year of the dragon.  It should be a good one!

The front of the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, with Santa and his reindeer.

1881 Heritage had a lovely set up, and even included a brass band playing Christmas carols.

The rest are buildings along Victoria Harbour.   Some of the lights were specifically put up for Christmas, and others for the whole season.  Next time I'm down there I am guessing that the whole lot will be dragon themed.  Dragon lights, lanterns, and flags are going up everywhere right now. 

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